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December 1, 2013
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5 important issues before starting SEO campaign


In short, SEO is a method through which the users search for a website or web pages in search engine results list is the first to show. SEO is not a single act, rather in many cases associated with different kinds of work, is called the integrated method.

Usually a search engine robot or web crawler visits various websites in the web at any specific time or random time and its try to find certain features about those websites. To ensure all these good features of a website to the search robot is the actual challenge of SEO. In general when a robot crawl in the website it emphasize on these issues which is also in known as On-page search engine optimization. These are:

Website Title Name

A title name is the headline or main text that explains about a page or content. It is considered as a subsequent most significant on-page SEO feature (the first and foremost significant feature is content) in addition it takes place about three vital areas like as: web browsers, search engines result page as well as external web-pages.

The title should contain less than seventy (70) letters which is the standard defined by Google since it shows in its search results.  If your title goes over 70 letters, search engines might look for to show diverse text from the document in preference to your title name.

Website Meta Description

The meta description provides a short as well as compact overview of your website content material along with business. The meta description definitely will present a quick information of your site that can be used by search engines as well as web directories. The meta description can be used like following format:

<meta name=”description” content=”Brief description of the contents of your page.”>

While you are writing your meta description keep in mind that it will remain within 170 letters to 200 letters. And of course must write unique description for each and every page of your website.

Website Meta Keywords

As we already described about meta title and meta description, here meta keywords are also effective for robot crawler to give information about your website and its content materials. In the meta keyword you will definitely put a number of several words which are representing your website’s pages and contents. And of course all the keywords would be separated by coma.

Typical meta keywords look like this:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”rarotech, raro, what is seo, web, web developer.”>

Website Site map

Site map is very much important for every website. Normally we have lots of pages in our website and all pages have individual url. So it is not easy for web crawlers as well as visitors to find all pages at once. Here it comes easier for visitors and web crawlers due to site map. Now we may say a site map contains a bunch of page links of a particular website.

There are two types of site map, one is XML sitemap and another one is HTML sitemap. Among them xml is popular to the webmaster since it is easy to use in website. And the biggest part of xml sitemap is, it submits all your web pages links to search engines altogether. So you need not to submit your uls’s individually.

Images title and alt text

Now days image optimization also important for search engine ranking. Using relevant images with text looks your post more read worthy. So when you use image you must provide a title which means a short description about the picture and it will also show at search engine results against image search. And of course your image titles need to be appropriate, brief, and attractive as well as to the point.

There is a controversy among web experts that alt text is more important than image title. So, we may define that an alt text is refer to additional information about an image. Sometimes few visitors don’t want to show images in their browser, so if you don’t use alt text in your image they won’t understand anything about the image.   More importantly, search engines also use alt text for images to index them and to show in search result. So, don’t forget to use alt text in your image of your website.

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