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March 25, 2013
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Important factors while you are facing Buyer’s Interview

interview tips-freelancing interview

It is an important factor in Freelancing sector while you talking to buyer. If you can satisfy your buyer then your opportunity of getting the job can be assured. So you need to talk in a smart way so that your buyer would think about you to get benefited from you if he or she hire you.

In your mind the question may arise in which subjects I need to be careful. But it is not obvious to say in one word.  So for a good interview you have to be careful about few facts which is important. So here we can discuss about these facts.

Stay in Smiling Face:

Always try to keep smile in your face. While you are talking to your buyer prove your smiling attitude that you are friendly and comfortable to talk. Through speaking or writing you have to show your skill that you are capable of doing the job.

Listen Attentively:

Listen carefully what about your buyer talking? What is his demand, what is his work, what is looking from you, you have to understand? You need to know whether you will be able to fulfill his working demand. Note down important things while talking to buyer.

Ask job related questions if needed:

Before taking the job make enough queries about the job. Without proper knowledge it is not possible to complete the job properly. You may think if you ask too many questions your buyer will be annoyed on you, this is a wrong concept. So try to gather enough information about buyer’s job.

Show your Skill and Experience:

It is important to have portfolio in your profile. Before attending in interview you should keep necessary portfolio’s with you. Whenever your buyer wants to see your portfolio just show him. How you have completed previous job, give details information to your buyer. And tell your buyer all procedures of completing the task.

Share your Planning:

Sharing your plan for the work you can satisfy your buyer. How you will complete his work show him that procedure. Step by step show him all procedures of completing the work.

Payment and Work Delivery:

Time is very important to a Freelancer. For getting a job you won’t give long time interview with your buyer, so you have to inform your buyer about the payment details as well as work delivery date. So about these discuss with your buyer before starting the work.

Communication process and Time:

When you will work you need to contact with your buyer, so let him know about your communication method and time as well. You can give him your email, skype address. You can also inform him when you will be available in online. It is not sure whether buyer will hire you or not but you should give him an opportunity to contact with you at any time.

Finally, it doesn’t matter whether you will be hired or not but make sure that you are interested to do the work, your skill as well as your sincerity. Another fact, if your buyer insist you to do a work in which you are not experience, to provide free sample or even to complete the work at low cost, never say yes, give up such works. It will not decrease your possibility rather you will be benefited.

If you have any comments about that, let us know please. Of course you can share your views through your e-mail or comment.

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