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February 26, 2013
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March 3, 2013
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E-mail History

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E-mail, electronic mail is one kind of digital massage system, which works through computer network. In 1970 Raymond Samuel Tomlinson invented local e-mail system by using Net-nex operating system. In the beginning of 1972 computer engineer Raymond Samuel Tomlinson has sent world first e-mail. Later on, different mailing system invented like, MAIL, MLFL, RD, NRD, WRD. The e-mail receiver need not to be always available on the internet just needs an active e-mail account to receive e-mail. E-mail server primarily receives the e-mail and stored them then sends them to the receiver. There are two parts of an e-mail, such as E-mail Header, E-mail Body. RFC 2045 to 2049 is the system to send e-mail in multimedia. RFC is called MIME which means multi purpose internet e-mail extension. Arpanet network based E-mail primarily exchanged through SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), which was first published in 1982. Any kind of massage or interactive voice system can send very easily through e-mail then any other systems. Though it is very chief then any other communication systems, but still it is very qualitative and secured communication system. In the absence of receiver it works without any interruption. Finally it is very rapid and receivable communication systems.

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