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February 22, 2013
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March 1, 2013
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Facebook History at a glance

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Facebook History in short

Facebook just stepped on 10th year. 4th February is the birthday of Facebook, the most popular social communication website. It has crossed its 9th year and stepped into 10th year. This site has more than 1billion users which have consistently earned fame.


  • “The” was promoted for the Howard University students.
  • Very first there was no picture, well, Newsfeed, event page.
  • Same year 1million users were involved with Facebook.


  • In this year domain was bought and the word “the” was cut off from
  • It has updated into pictures loading advantages.
  • And its user increases almost 6million.


  • Friends adding system were started in January-2006.
  • Also users got an opportunity to use Facebook  through a mobile phone.
  • Its users have reached near about 12million.

2007: Every year Facebook authority developing their site with different upgrades.

  • Virtual gift was started in this year.
  • Network page, advantage  to see the latest 3update home page, to see the latest update of all friends, RSS feed advantage,  friends update getting through SMS and also the opportunity of updating status through SMS was started.
  • The Facebook video system started this year.
  • Facebook website was promoted for iPhone.
  • Facebook has started social and commercial advertising as well  as started uses it for business purpose.
  • They have reached to 50million users.


  • Many applications as well as spam preventing system were added in Facebook.
  • In March it has promoted new privacy system for the users.
  • In May “people you  may know”option and YouTube video was added.
  • 55 different languages developed at Facebook.
  • IPhone apps also developed for Facebook users. It has got 100million users.


  • 350million people involved with Facebook.


  • New top menu, left menu, easy way of uploading picture in Facebook, community page creating system, group creating opportunity, massaging advantage in Facebook, all were added first decay of the year.
  • Android apps also developed in FB.
  • In December FB profile got a new look like face indicating tagging advancement.
  • It has got 500million users.


  • FB chatting option updated with video advantage.
  • Games and apps updated. Subscribe button and mobile timeline were added.
  • Its user number reached on 800milllion.


  • In January Facebook authority has introduced the opportunity of listening music with friends as well as timeline apps was added.
  • 1billion user involved with FB.
  • In every second about 3thousand pictures uploading at Facebook.
  • World’s 11percent people have a FB account.
  • There are more FB users than car users.
  • Every day 50% people in the world using Facebook.
  • On average every FB user spends 700minuetes on Facebook.
  • In 1minute it gets about 0.5million comments.
  • 0.3million status and 0.15million pictures uploading in every minute.
  • China stopped Facebook.
  • Every 20minutes 200million links sharing, 1.5million events invitation,  1.8million status updates, 2million friend requests acceptance, 2.7million news transaction and 1.2million comments, all are happening in Facebook.
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