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Get more shared and commented on your posts/WebPages


Often many website developers as well as bloggers become wonder when they don’t get comments or shares from their respective visitors/readers.  

Here we are trying to find out few reasons of that problem as well as solutions to get expected share and comment over your posts.

Unique Posts with valuable contents

Readers always like to see new, unique and update informative articles. So they can gather new ideas and skill which will provide them fresh experience of exploring knowledge. When they found them useful they may like to share this post with their friends, families, colleagues, juniors and seniors for the improvement of their knowledge.

So, it is easy to say if your posts don’t go with these qualities, readers will not share your contents as well as no comment too. Try to develop your contents with readers demand along with of course unique articles and enjoy more shares and comments from your audiences.

Post time worth articles

When you share only links in your blog, its make your readers confused about what is inside the link. At present readers are on rush with their regular business, they don’t feel interest to click on your link unless they get proper info about your links.

The limitation of time may another cause of that issue.  So, to convince the audiences to visit your link you should use related picture and key related title about your posts.

Increase your participation at Social Media Sites

Now a day’s more or less every people across the earth visits social media website’s like Face Book, Google plus, twitter, YouTube, etc. And social media networks are the easier way to get more shared and commented on your posts within short time ever.

Therefore, if you participate those networks in regular basis and share your posts in those networks you will get more attention from your visitors.

Increase your well response

Do you have lots of friends in social networks? Have you established strong understanding with them?

These questions may will not arise in your mind. If it arises in your mind that’s good for your WebPages. If you have 3k+ followers, 3k+ fans and 2k+ friends connect, I am sure you must get more comments and shares on your blogs then your candidates.

Whenever, you will share any information in social networks accounts those people will help to expose your articles by sharing and commenting in a vast way as well as it will increase your post’s popularity. This may another reason for not getting shared and commented on your blogs as you expect.

So, you should spend minimum time everyday with your social community and keep it up.

Don’t feel hesitation on sharing

Sometimes we think if I share my articles with my friends or others will they read it or not? Leave it up. It is not guaranteed that all your unique posts will be read, shared, commented by your audiences. So, when you write new things you must share with your friends, families, relatives, colleges. Some of them must like your contents and they will share, comment over your articles.

Finally, don’t fell hesitation on sharing and spreading your blog with your respective community.

Now it’s up to you

I just shared my opinion of increasing your post’s sharing and commenting, if you have better ideas please let me know. And of course if you love it let me know as well.

I am a presenter and article writer. Having experienced in Online promotion as well as web design and development.

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