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July 27, 2013
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September 23, 2013
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Google Webmaster Tools, Your website’s first Guard!

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Now a day’s most of the bloggers and web experts are using different types of webmaster tools. They have also lack of knowledge about Google Webmaster Tools as well as its ultimate capabilities of working.

My post must help you with all its features which can be applied in your website or blog by that online tool since it’s free for us and maintaining by Search Engine giant Google.

Google Webmaster Tools is a web based application as using by a lot of online worker intended for verifying the majority of the stats concerning his or her webpage or blog. The item will allow you to check out almost all the statistics in order to connect with your website overall efficiency within the Google Search Engine results.

This particular online tool isn’t going to present the actual visitors stats of any website, rather this would indicates the quantity of clicks over a particular link of your web/blog inside the Search Engine. The actual traffic along with similar stats are generally proven within the Google Analytics which is additionally a different free program supplied by Google.

It could help all the blogger or webmaster to develop their website and its working capability in search engines. Here are the main factors which would be available from Google Webmaster Tools. Lets talk .

Sitemap Submission

There are no alternative strategies to post a sitemap in Google. Posting the sitemap can be key point within increasing up the particular search position of one’s website. Sitemap is usually a directory of your entire articles. It’s indeed quite necessary as it can guide Google in order to index the website along with most of its hyperlink quickly. Otherwise, the search engine crawler can easily skip a number of the articles of your respective blog site.

To get high PR or to increase web traffic site map submission is important for every website.

Search Queries

This particular part of the webmaster tools present us with all the search phrases that happen to be executing effectively for the website. This term indicates an index of inquiries that happen to be providing us to the biggest natural and organic visitors.

Crawl Errors

This can be the most effective tool in the Webmaster Tools. Generally, we could possibly miss various 404 error pages that tend not to be present. As a result, users who visit this content are going to generally click the go back option of the browser. Therefore, you may be dropping lots of site visitors during this problem. Google Webmaster Tools reveals you all the web pages as well as content which are displaying the 404 error.

Thus, it would be simple for all of us to solve such problems as well as redirect that page when it is unavailable. Hence again, this splendid tool assist us to get our site visitors who were about to go away from our website.


Google Webmaster Tools also works to bring out the quantity of backlinks that your site has gained. These types of backlinks available through the web directing on the way to your website/blog would be presented here with all of the information.

Quality backlinks are essential for a website be regarded as a well known one. Guest Blogging, Commenting, etc are adequate strategies to gain multiple backlinks.

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