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December 25, 2013
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How to Dominate SEO in 2014


Day by day search engine optimization strategies are changing and reaching to a great level for bringing more traffic in a site. Why not, since search engines are changing their algorithms time to time to provide best results for their users, so you also need to change your search engine optimization techniques to give your visitors better experience than before. Here one thing is noticeable Google and other search engines by developing their algorithm in some extent reducing SEO campaign labor. All old techniques are not badly needed where as few things are becoming more crucial.

Here I am about to discuss vital factors for dominating SEO campaign in 2014. These are the issuer you should take care of as I mention below:


Before starting any online campaign for your website you must analyze your whole website several times. There are few familiar web tools available for measuring/analyzing your website. Through them you can find out from where your visitors are coming, which keywords they search most? Beside these you also need to analyze your website’s css, html codes as well as broken links. You may take help from Google Analytic for getting better suggestions for the development of your website. For checking your website’s css and codes as well as links you can also use Markup Validation Service, since it is popular and of course authentic as well as appreciated across the web world. So, don’t forget to make analysis of your website.

On-page SEO

Onpage SEO, the most crucial facts for SEO campaign. After analyzing your site you have to take over on your onpage optimization. You may read this for a perfect on page search engine optimization campaign strategies. Major Challenges for On Page Optimization.

After having a successful on-page optimization now its time to produce your effort on off-page optimization. As we know now days all the tricks of off-page optimization are not working in this year 2014. So you have to research and find out those effective issues for off page SEO. According to me all the sectors of off-page should not get equal priority to a search engine optimizer. There are time worth off-page optimization factors such as, SBM, RSS Feed, Press Release, Article/Blog Posting (After post: Social Sharing/SBM), Article/Blog Commenting, Ping Your site, Google Map Submit etc.


Social media now taking part in our everyday life. Everyday we spend few moments behind social media activities in different social media sites. So for your search engine optimization campaign, still social book marking playing significant role. But old social book marking systems are not worth any more. Change is happening every where. We have to make change in book marking as well. In previous time SEO workers directly post the main URL of a site in social sites, but now if you do this frequently Google, Yahoo and social media sites as well take the process as an attempt of spreading spam. So, instead of book marking the site URL you should book mark your post’s URL. You might be posting regular basis content on your site and make SBM of new posts.

RSS Feed

RSS Feed, rich site summary or really simple syndication, is also important for optimization process. It is not possible every time to let know all the search engines or popular sites about your latest changes in your site. To provide update changes and post to the readers automatically RSS Feed is the best solution. So, don’t forget to submit RSS Feed for your website, your client’s as well since it’s a crucial one in search engine optimization strategies.

Press Release

Readers always love to read up to date news from different sectors and depending on different subjects. In my previous writings I have said how much press release is important for better website traffic? You may have a compact knowledge about press release if you read them before. In press releasing always bear in mind to provide new and time worth information along with service from your company.

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  1. Steph Riggs says:

    No doubt search engines strategies are changing day by day but thoughts about contents are same. It is still prohibited to copy content from web in order to get high ranking. Everyone should conduct an analysis of website before starting SEO campaign to check either website is ready for SEO or not. If you want some changes in permalinks then optimize your website internally then think about off-page SEO. I got important points about analyzing websites from your blog post and people definitely will follow these important points.

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