how to create sitemap xml
How to create sitemap xml ?
October 21, 2015
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May 6, 2016
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How to sitemap xml submission to Google?

sitemap add to google search console

Usually a site map contains a list of all pages of a website in a decent way. It helps search engine crawlers and users to browse a website easily in addition smoothly. There are several site map styles; it would be like as a document in a design or in a hierarchical structural way.

It gives viewers an opportunity to see a website’s whole contents at a glance.

XML and HTML sitemap are two most popular sitemap in format. An XML sitemap mainly use for search engine crawlers, so that search engines get to know about the pages of a website and latest updates of a website. On the contrary HTML sitemap use for visitors so that they can find contents of a website at once.

For on page optimization an XML sitemap submission to Google Webmaster Tools is important. Google has a service for free indexing of a website pages creating XML sitemap.

Since most of the traffic comes from Google, so it’s important to submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

Remember one thing for availing all Google service you must maintain a gmail account. Before starting any Google service you should login to your Gmail account first.

Now we are going to show you, How to sitemap xml submission to Google?

Earlier we have shown How to create a XML Sitemaps, you may have a look over it first.

For submitting your XML sitemaps to Google, first of all sign in to Google Webmaster Account.

7. Click on the button “Add A Property“, after you singing in it will appear at top/left of the page.

8. After clicking on “Add A Property“, an address bar will appear, here you give full address of your website and push the button ‘continue‘.

9. Now Download ‘this HTML verification file‘ and upload the file to your website root folder, like as you have done for XML sitemap.

10. After successfully uploading the HTML verification file, click on ‘Verify‘. Now a new window/page will appear with Congratulations massage than click on ‘Continue’.

Sitemap submit to google

11. Now click on ‘Sitemaps‘ .

12. Now click on ‘ADD/TEST SITEMAP

13. A new box will appear, in the box give just ‘sitemap.xml‘, if you give here full address, it will not work.

14. And now click on ‘Submit Sitemap‘, this is your last action for submitting sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

15. After clicking on ‘Submit Sitemap‘, hope you will see your sitemap xml status and how many pages indexed, as we have shown below picture.

NB: Since XML-Sitemaps is a free service from Google, only 500 pages of your site will be indexing in Google Webmaster Tools.

Happy indexing, if you found anything not up to the mark let us know please, we will be highly obliged. Thanking in Advance.

sitemap add to google search console

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