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November 27, 2013
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November 30, 2013
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How to submit/publish SEO Press Release in submission sites ?

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In my previous posts I have talked about Press Release details. Like what is press release, why we need to press release for better SEO, where to submit press release, etc? Today here in this post I will show you how to submit a first class press release in submission site?

Lets go to be the witness of submitting a press release in SEO press release submission site. Just follow the below instructions, here I have shown one example for you:

  1. First of all you have to find out that in which sites you will submit your press release? For that you may take help from Google search box as shown in the below picture. There is another easiest way to get free submission press release sites list, which I have given in my previous post. You can find them just take a look over there, its up to you.google search
  2. Here I have chosen that site http://theopenpress.com, to submit my press release for an example. Here at beginning you have to register on the site, fill up the given fields and click on submit button.
  3. press release processNow in the section 3(profile) you can set your profile first.
  4. Then go to the section 4(title box), here you will have to give a killer title(headline) about your press which will be visitors first attraction to read. The title must be within 100characters and don’t use caps title. Keep in mind this is core part of any press or news.
  5. Here in the section 5(summary box) you have to provide a brief description about your press release. Don’t exceed the limit of 250characters.
  6. Now you are in the middle of your press release action in the section 6(body), here you have to details description about your press and interesting fact is that you can let down to 300words and your highest limit near about 5000words. More importantly you must provide a compact details about your update news, opportunity etc of your company so that customer can understand what is waiting for them.
  7. seo press releaseThis is a very very important portion of any submission in search engine optimization press release. In this box(7) you will put your main keywords related to your company as well as press release. Use minimum three best keywords of your company and separate them by using comma. Notice that, never use HTML code or anchor link here.
  8. Uh the field you got now, which is most expecting for you. Put your company website address in the section 8(URL box) . Instead of using www.rarotech.com, you should use like this http://rarotech.com, it is more friendly than previous one.
  9. Give your company name here.
  10. Select the area, that means in which areas people will see your press release. It depends on your priority.
  11. Enlist your country name here.
  12. Select the category. In which sector your company belongs.
  13. Finally click on submit button and get the result of your labor.
  14. press seoSee how look like your press release will appear to the visitors. press release final
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