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Keyboard Shortcuts to Use in the WordPress Editor

keyboard shortcut for wordpress

If you need to take your current WordPress blogging and site-building with a completely level of skills, it’s period you realized the various distinct key pad shortcuts which can be included in WordPress. Zero plugins essential, this can be merely another amount of great that is certainly WordPress.

If you take a while to know these types of, you can actually save yourself time and amaze your buddies.

Ctrl+A = Select all
Ctrl+B = Bold
Ctrl+C = Copy
Ctrl+I = Italic
Ctrl+U = Underline
Ctrl+v = Paste
Ctrl+x = Cut
Ctrl+y = Redo
Ctrl+z = Undo

Ctrl+End = Go to End
Ctrl+Home = Go to Top
Ctrl+Alt+P = Publish
Ctrl+Alt+S = Save in Draft
Ctrl+Alt+1 = Preview

Ctrl+1 = H1 tag
Ctrl+2 = H2 tag
Ctrl+3 = H3 tag
Ctrl+4 = H4 tag
Ctrl+5 = H5 tag
Ctrl+6 = H6 tag
Ctrl+7 = Paragraph
Ctrl+8 = Format
Ctrl+9 = Address

Alt+Shift+A = Insert link
Alt+Shift+C = Align center
Alt+Shift+D = Strike through
Alt+Shift+E = Edit HTML
Alt+Shift+G = Full screen editing
Alt+Shift+H = Help
Alt+Shift+J = Justify text
Alt+Shift+L = Align left
Alt+Shift+M = Insert Image
Alt+Shift+N = Check spelling
Alt+Shift+O = 1. List
Alt+Shift+P = Insert Page Break tag
Alt+Shift+Q = Quote
Alt+Shift+R = Align left
Alt+Shift+S = Remove link
Alt+Shift+T = Insert More tag
Alt+Shift+U = . List
Alt+Shift+W = Distraction free Writing Mode

Editor width in Distraction free writing mode:

Alt with + = Wider
Alt with – = Narrower
Alt with 0 = Default width

Alt+SHIFT+Z = Advanced Editor (Kitchen Sink)

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