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March 22, 2013
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Keyword research strategies for getting better result through SEO

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Why you need to do Keyword Research?

  • By using keyword in search engine people find their expected solution.
  • So Search Engine’s always try to provide best result against searching keyword for their visitors.
  • So before creating a website you need to know which keywords are searching most by visitors, then you create your website according to keyword for getting best result in Search Engine as well as through SEO.
  • More over Keyword research tools will help you to get clear idea about those keywords which are searching most and which are not searching totally by the audience.
  • There are lots of Keyword tools available in different places. Among them Google Adwords, Wordtracker, keyword discovery, Google Adwords etc are familiar.
  • Most of the audience use Google Adwords since it is easy, rapid and cost free to use.

Keyword Research Effective Process:

  • There are no specific or fixed method for researching keyword since there are lots of paid available in market. Through those tools you can easily chose perfect keyword for your website.
  • Now fact is that if we don’t use paid tools then we should know the organic basic procedures of researching keyword.
  • While researching keyword everyone should think about few facts these are describing here:
  1. Brainstorming: Very first think more and more about your targeted market places as well as targeted keywords. You also give attention whether your business limited into local market or will be available at international market. You also gather knowledge about your target market’s visitor’s info as well as their demand related to your keyword. For an example, if your business is Smartphone at French then your keyword can be like “Smartphone French”. Again if your business across the world you have to think differently for different people depending on various countries. You can develop more information about your customer depending on their choice, desire, etc. Finally gather info from different ways then make best one for your website.
  2. Make a classification of keywords: According to your service or product make a set of keywords more than one. May be it will not be perfect as long as you are not researching your keywords. So you can do it before researching keywords. So do it at your best time.
  3. Research your Keywords: All you are doing for getting a better keyword, now you can use any kind of keyword research tools to get your best keyword. Choose a seed phrase from any category. If you have another website you can put the web url in the Google keyword research tool.
  4. Compile your keywords: If you think so you can re-categorize your keywords from keyword research tools. You can also make an Export Spreadsheet from keyword research tools.
  5. Edit or Remove: You always give priority to those keywords which are low competition but have a high search. So choose only those keywords and remove the others as well as non-relevant phrases from your spreadsheet. You can discuss about the fact with your client if needed.
  6. Determine Competitiveness of keywords: Now you have to choose whether you will take high competitive keyword or low competitive keyword. Every phrase has its individual competitiveness. If you take high competitive phrase then it would be a little bit tough to get expected result. So you should work with high search phrase but low competitive. You can also make a list for the competitiveness of the keywords as: highly competitive, medium competitive, low competitive or non-competitive.

So, in conclusion we may say by following these steps you may find a better keyword for your website. Before selecting any keyword take a final look over the number of searches against a keyword, keyword relevancy to your website, competitiveness level of the keyword. Hopefully it will work for everyone.

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