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December 8, 2013
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December 25, 2013
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Major Challenges for On Page Optimization


Before optimizing your website’s keywords, you must care on your website back in pane which is known as “on-page” optimization. If your on page optimization not up to marks your off page optimization won’t bring satisfactory rank for your website. So on page optimization is very much significant to get organic search engine rank.  Through the several research and consultation I have found most crucial on page key factors to increase organic rankings.

There are several crucial issues on account of on page optimization. The vital issues are appropriate use of meta tags, site loading speed and pages URL. One may come in argument with me about the factors I just mentioned but the fact is that if someone has got idea about SEO, would get clear idea.on page seo | onpage optimization tags

At the beginning we are going to talk about meta tags since they play very dynamic role to web crawlers (provide information to the search engine). To get satisfactory rank you should place all your tags in a right path. Don’t think meta tags will bring rank for your website in a rapid way, yet they are worthy. Nevertheless, they can be utilized for getting different information’s about your web pages for search engines in addition to reach visitors.

There are top three meta tags like as: meta title, meta description and meta keywords. Very first meta title tag which would be consisted on your websites content related or domain related and it should not cross 70 characters limit since it shows at search engine results. This standard defined by Google which shows in their search results. The second meta tag is called description tag which contains a little more details about your site contents and services, which is also would be shown at search engines result for web visitors. It is crucial as much as you can place your top keywords second times here. Here it is also noticeable that meta description tag might not cross the limitation of 160 characters.meta tags | seo meta tags

The third and most important one for SEO, it namely meta keywords tag. Choose top ten (10) to fifteen (15) keywords for your website related to your service along with contents. Before selecting your keywords you should have a keyword research for your website and find those keywords which get most searches in search engines and their competition as well. Always keep in mind low competition and high searches are the best for the keyword.

Last but not the least; the tag is robots tag which normally concerns with search engines that their web crawler might visit in your entire web pages frequently. This is a great issue to index your all pages in search engines, so don’t miss it.  Actually this is not a must use tag, if your site does not carry the tag, web crawler would find it automatically. Web crawler would follow its regular work but you should not deny your responsibility for your site. So, you must include robot tag in your website for indexing your entire web pages in search engines in order that visitors will get absolute information about your total website.

You have done everything well, your contents and navigation is up to top level but your site loading speed level very poor, all your labor in vain. Very first visitors don’t like slow loading web pages as well as it would be scored down by search engine giant Google. Question may arise that is it such significant? My answer is yes of course, because search engines always looking for providing better browsing witness to the web users. When your website contains several broken URL’s along with poor loading  speed, search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol will perceive it as a low quality of your website as well as they may down your web rankings. The standard loading speed about to 5 to 8 seconds basis on internet speed. Finally I may suggest check your website loading speed with various tools.  Don’t let your labor to go in vain.speed-up

Yet not over, this is also bringing good result for your site which is called URL building. The best policy to make your URL suitable is keeping them associated with your domain or contents. Your fist attempt must be to keep your keyword in your domain URL, like as: if your keyword is “what is seo” then your appropriate URL would be There is a fact, the keyword related domain always may not available, then what to do? You may follow another way as like: or Some may argue that keeping keyword in URL root is not a good idea but still I might say still it is valuable.dead link

Hence, we may summaries that above things are very crucial for any blog site, web site or landing pages for search engine optimization attempt. There are few more factors hope I will discuss another day, in different post, however these factors are vital to achieve your targeted SEO goal.

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