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Paid Web Hosting VS Free Web Hosting! Which One?


Business website or personal web/blog site, now a days a very important part of our regular life. It becomes a trend over last decade. This has become a best way to share, expose individual’s latest actions as well as keeping records of daily, weekly and monthly activities throughout the universe. This is also an easy way of connecting, communicating, showing self expertise, even earning money through online. So whenever you are going to run a website, there is a vital connection of a website with hosting, what types of web hosting you should choose? There are two types of web hosting available, one is free web hosting offered by hosting providers and another one is paid web hosting by hosting providers. Here one thing you must bear in mind that nothing is free in this world, there might be some other conditions for free services. Whatever you might think while I m getting free why should I pay? Yes that’s what I am going to share with you.

Let’s go with free blog hosting characters:

You can avail almost everything with free web hosting service, which is like a big pond with different types of fish, who has no personal area; yet everybody can move and breathe with a limitation. Because no one paying for these facilities. So in free web hosting you might get your own domain name, express control over your hosting & site with installation facilities of themes, plugins, contents and tools.

Availing all these facilities still you are not paying any money for these facilities. Sometimes web hosting providers offer more, like as free domain with hosting. Doesn’t fantastic? Of course it is, yet something special to know, free web hosting or any other thing free in the world is just another boosting policy of a business. But you cannot deny it utterly. So what’s wrong with free web hosting for your beloved company, personal web/blog site? Please focus on below things:

Restricted Server Resources: Usually, as I told earlier, in a free web hosting, like a pond with lots of fishes with no privacy. Free web hosts keeps thousands of website in one server. It is also imply that, your disk space and monthly bandwidth within a limitation. You can’t put as much as images, videos, audios on your site if you want so. This is a vital drawback for the development of your blog with your competitors. In a free web hosting there is limited WebPages along with limited visitors in daily basis.

Unstable Efficiency: It is being said: “As you sow, so shall you reap”, so you will get as you paid. When renowned dedicated servers might result in downtime, subsequently how could you assume a fantastic up-time from a free web hosting? Since, thousands of websites in one server, you might be affected by others foolish activities and you are always at high risk position.

Less Tech Support Team: As an online asset your website might get stucked at any time, or might be attacked by ill online activist. So, who can give you assurance that you will be sorted out very quickly in a free web hosting service? On that time you may think that money is less important than time.

Invisible Charges: At the very beginning I have mentioned that nothing is free in this world. There are always some issues behind free offers. It is a filthy technique offering free web hosting. At the beginning you won’t have to cost a single penny regarding your web hosting facilities, however, charges you have to pay which is in secret like as additional script setting, content reservation fees etc.

Unexpected renewal cost: Free offers always for certain time. It’s may be six months or highest 1 year. After that you must pay them otherwise your website will go off or even you may lose your contents, in this situation you have to renew your account. In most of the cases these free web host provider’s demands more renewal cost than an usual one which might make you annoyed.

Its time to go with Paid Web Hosting Features

When you pay for any service or product you must consider for getting better satisfaction than the free one. And here the paid web hosting service must provide you all those facilities which you get in free web hosting service even more you will get like as, unlimited disk space with bandwidth, more features, quicker loading speed, better up time along with satisfactory technical assistance. Yet, keep mind, everything has both good side and bad side, but if bad side doesn’t harm you too much and can be sorted out shortly than you can go with it. On account of cost efficiency, paid web hosting never goes in compare with free hosting.

There are lots of known, unknown paid web host providers. So it’s your responsibility whom you choose, we may just tell you before taking service from them, research about their quality and commitment. You can take help form Google, Forums, etc. And of course calculate your website status and then reserve your hosting in web host providers.

Here we go, with the facilities of Paid Web Host…

  • Availability of your required Disk space
  • Availability of your required Bandwidth
  • Availability of your required Email Accounts
  • Unlimited websites and sub-domain upload
  • 24 hours Backup of your contents
  • Quick Response from Expertise
  • 99.99% up-time of your site
  • Cost effective and Affordable even reliable
  • In addition, lots more web tools

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