Here in RARO Technology ( the privacy of readers and visitors are at first line. This Privacy Policy maintains the way information’s are being compiled, practiced, preserved and expressed which is collected from each user or users of the ( website. This Privacy Policy appeals to the website along with all other contents and services being offered by RARO Technology (rarotech).

This Privacy Policy is examined and reformed within course of time. It is your concern to read and review this privacy policy from time to time and be informed about latest changes.

Log Files:

To know about website effectiveness we use log files like many others. Here below things include in our log files:

  • Referring search engines and sites
  • Date and Time
  • Browser and Operating system
  • Existing view pages
  • Number of clicks on the pages
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Internet Protocol Addresses

Individual Identification Information:

In various ways we would collect individual identification information from visitors when they visit my site. Individual identification information would be collected only if individual visitors willingly share their data in my site. Here it is important to mention that users are always free of not sharing their information unless they face any difficulties while visiting the site.

Individual Information Preservation:

RARO Technology takes suitable data assortment, storage and running procedures along with protection strategies to defend against unlawful access, modification, disclosure or devastation of your own information, username, password, transaction data and information collected in my website.

Use of Collected Data:

Some times RARO Technology may use collected data from users for improvement of the site. To inform latest updates and other service related information’s. It may use for users queries, or any other interests.


For better visitor’s experience website may use web browser cookies. Here user can easily deny his or her web browser from collecting cookies.  But some times if cookies do not work browsing experience may take longer.

If you have any other queries please contact

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