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SEO/SEM/Internet Marketing Glossary/Dictionary/Elaboratation


What we say About SEO/SEM/Internet Marketing Glossary or Dictionary:

When we work in online especially in the sectors of SEO or SEM we see lots of unknown abbreviations which are not familiar with us so that we can not complete our task properly. These unknown words are called SEO/SEM glossary. They are being used in short form that’s why here we are giving details as well as with example to make it easy to our audience to understand it easily.


0 – 9


Status Condition: The exact file demand seemed to be effective. Suppose a page or even a picture is being identified as well as filled correctly in a browser.


An Ultimate Redirection of file: The particular documents have been shifted completely into a fresh location. Here is the technique utilized to alert the search engines that the site either will no longer exists, as well as has become relocated into a completely new location.


Found: This document has been discovered, although it is in the short term found in another URI. Usually, the way it pertains to Search Engine Optimization, it is commonly better to avoid 302 redirects. Some search engines like, Yahoo and Google have trouble with reroute controlling.


Webpage not Located: This server has been failed to identify your LINK. Yahoo and Google ask for robots.txt document to view precisely what parts of this website they’re permitted to crawl.


Rank Value: It means an internal server encountered with an error; the server found a critical condition which usually stopped the item to fulfill the demand.


Position Status: The server code 502 affirms Bad Gateway which is delivered when the server functions some sort of portal as well as proxy and the upstream server results unacceptable reply.


Status Condition: Service Inaccessible; it’s for momentary while express server can be beyond capacity or straight down for servicing.


Position Value: Portal Timeout, if a server serves as an entrance or even proxy and so could hardly receive result through their upstream server this provides portal timeout.


Standing Value: This standing program code will be come back if an individual asked for HTTP standard protocol Variation seriously isn’t recognized.


Above the actual Fold: Some sort of phrase usually accustomed to identify the most   notable area of a new paper. In electronic mail or perhaps web marketing this means the region of articles readable before scrolling.

Absolute URL’s Link – Absolute URLs shows the full-path address of a specific page linked with, for an example:

Ad Center:

Microsoft’s price every simple click advertisement network.


Google’s contextual marketing system. Web Owners can exhibit Google advertising on their sites as well as receive a fraction with the price each just click earnings from just click views.


Google’s Pay per click (PPC) advertising methods intended for marketers. AdWords can be a progressively complex market place. You can write some sort of 300 page publication only addressing AdWords. As opposed to performing which in this article I considered it might be helpful to web page link way too many appropriate sources.

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate is usually a website owner or perhaps web page proprietor that will directs targeted traffic to be able to various company’s internet websites in substitution for a percentage. Affiliate marketers simply receive money in the event that site visitors finish good actions.

Percentage can be settled like a portion of the sale made, or even an established volume for just defined actions, such as completing an application as well as software.


A number of Social community networks or search method normally takes website’s old, web site page age, as well as connected historic info under consideration as soon as determining simply how much to help have confidence in that person, web page, or doc. A number of areas of expertise search engines, including website search engines, may also increase the relevance of new paperwork.


Asynchronous JavaScript and also XML is a method that allows a website to be able to demand extra information from the server without requesting a brand new web page to be able to fill.

To put it briefly, the item enables JavaScript scripts to be able to send out information asks for and also obtain reactions while not having to refill the complete web page.


Amazon possessed search support which often measures website traffic as well as customer info. The info can be accumulated merely coming from people with your alexa toolbar installed on their web browser. Alexa can be greatly biased toward websites of which concentrate on marketing and advertising as well as webmaster towns. Although not being remarkably accurate it really is free.


Search Engine which has been manufactured by Quick, next obtained simply by Overture, which has been obtained simply by Yahoo. Yahoo may use AllTheWeb being a analyze cargo area with regard to fresh research systems as well as capabilities.

Alt Attribute/ Tag

The actual ALT feature is designed to be another solution textual content explanation intended for photos.

This Alt tag will be also used by Search Engine Optimization functions throughout impression look up along with adding to your key phrase density of a page.

Employing an impression alt feature enables you to support screen visitors and search engines comprehend this purpose of an impression by providing a new textual content similar for your target.


AltaVista can be an early giant in search engine, but on October 25, 1999 they made a prime algorithmic exchange which caused them to dump many websites.

The largest World Wide Web retailing web site. Amazon is actually abundant with consumer produced marketing. Amazon online likewise has a number of other well-liked internet sites, which include IMDB in addition to Alexa.


Software program which enables you to track website visitor data with your websites. Most of us choose to work with Google Analytics since it will be the two almost all whole included in addition to free.

Anchor Text

This is probably the most important thing in search engine optimization and link building. Anchor Text is the text that a user would click on to follow a link.

An example of anchor text:

<a href=””>SEO Services</a>

The link will appear like: SEO Services


AOL refers to America Online, which is famous American Search Engine. AOL combined with Time Warner.


API refers to Application Program Interface– a number of promotions as well as routines helpful to access application features. The majority of major search merchandise provides an API system. API’s usually are back end scripts helpful to converse in order to help different external software applications.


ASCII refers to American Standard Code for Information Interchange. A typical character-coding method utilized by computer systems to demonstrate characters, digits and particular figures.


It refers to Active Server Pages – a dynamic Microsoft-invented programming language. Similar to php, but it is not free. ASP is also an acronym pertaining to Software Service agency, some sort of hosted services offered by using the online world.


It’s employed as an expansion connected with ‘Microsoft’ ASP.NET websites. These types of websites are used regarding powerful web sites, net software along with XML net providers. It’s successor to help ‘Microsoft’ Effective Server Site Technological innovation.


Ask is a Search Engine owned by InterActiveCorp, which is powered by the Teoma search technology.



The flexibility of any page or website to get position effectively in Search Engines. Five big aspects related to internet site as well as page expert are usually website link equity, internet site era, visitor’s trends, internet site background, as well as posting distinctive unique high quality content. That is also called Trust Position.


Authority internet sites are generally those who are generally well trustworthy along with previously status well into their market. A great specialist is usually a page that’s referenced coming from many topical professionals along with well respectable internet sites.

Examples of some Authority sites are:

  • DMOZ
  • Wikipedia
  • Respected News and information sites



Back Link or Hyperlink is referred to as inbound link it’s a great inward bound web page link right into a web site or even a website just like that is display in one more website and also this is the transmission worth addressing as well as reputation of the website.

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