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The page rank update schedule of Google!

google page rank update schedule

When Google update page rank? When page rank will be updated? What is the schedule of page rank update? These are the common questions from readers.

So, here I can share the approximate update time of Google page rank, According to their previous update time. It is my assumption not confirmation.

Recent Google page rank update was held on 4th February 2013. Google page rank generally ranks an online page depending on the source of its baklinks as well as precisely authentic link is. Along with higher Google page rank may increase ranking of the website as well as popularity.

Google page rank update occurs every three or four month from each update to another. Here is the possible schedule for this year:

  • 1st Update : 4th February 2013
  • 2nd Update : possibly on June 26th to July 8th
  • 3rd Update : possibly on September 27th  to October 5th
  • 4th Update : possibly on December 25th to December 31st

Here it is noticeable that Google never exposes their update schedule. It is just my research result as far my concern, it may change.

Is page rank so important for a website?

This question may arise in your mind. There are lots of blog site with PR-2, PR-3 which are getting more visitors than other blog sites like PR-6, PR-7 etc. which means page rank does not play vital role to increase your traffic. You should not worry about page rank or alexa rank rather you might emphasize on writing useful and unique articles for your readers. You may follow these sequences:

  1. Readership
  2. Web Traffic
  3. Alexa Rank
  4. Page Rank


Let me know your opinion and inform if you know anything about Google page rank update through e-mail.

I am a presenter and article writer. Having experienced in Online promotion as well as web design and development.

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