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December 12, 2013
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January 9, 2014
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Top 5 issues for SEO friendly website building in 2014

seo friendly web design

Responsive design:

RWD now most popular concept of building a website aiming to make it more comfortable to read and navigate  as much as resizing, panning as well as scrolling through out the various devices like as smart phones, tabs along with different types of monitors. Consumers are now moving from desktop computers to portable mobile devices. This year almost 15 to 35 percent web traffic coming from mobile devices, in 2014 it will cross around 45 to 60 percent. So they are like to get all services from their mobile. In that case your businesses also need to run with latest changes. Most importantly they put the web url’s through their portable devices to visit websites.responsive web design

So, here is the significance of a responsive web design to get all those visitors who are almost moved into mobile devices. And you have to give priority on RWD to brows your website easily through mobile devices.

Effective landing pages:

For a reliable web promoter all the web pages of your website is required to be presented in a decent way, uniquely developed, advantageous as well as part of the large number of image ideas. Nevertheless, after the home page, none is much more crucial to your progress compared to your website’s landing page alternatively web-pages.effective landing pages

Most of the cases the main purpose of a landing page is to gather temporarily basic information from visitors, it may in includes an email address, name and comments. Some other landing pages may include these options such as:

  • Registration for an event
  • Request for a consultation
  • Subscription to an information asset (email series, membership)
  • Product or service trial
  • Access to videos or pod-casts

Interactive and goal oriented design:

Do all the websites are designed in an interactive and goal oriented way? My answer is no, may be all of the web developers are not concerned about the factor. Just building a website does not bring satisfactory result for your business. A well constructed website building is meant to an interactive and goal oriented design, since interaction is largely focused on satisfying the requirements as well as demands of the maximum people who would visit your website.

So, your site would be built focusing on your targeted consumer’s ideas along with satisfaction and your goals through the website. Keep touch in your web design related to your service or products.

Make sure SEO friendly URLs:

Now a day’s CMS are becoming more and more popular for website building, since it is easy to navigate as well as faster. But here the main fact is that all content management systems are not SEO friendly. I just wanted to say there are different types of CMS are available all of them are not suitable for search engine optimization. A perfect CMS can be changeable any time when it’s necessary for SEO. Now it is obvious that a suitable SEO friendly URL is possible when a manageable CMS you choose for your website.seo friendly url

There are the crucial areas where SEO friendly URLs can bring better result for your site such as:

  • Describe your contents.
  • Notice to avoid duplicate materials.
  • Make sure that your web pages are easy to brows, share, comments and to keep in mind.
  • To give happy experience to navigate your site.
  • Bringing traffic to the site.
  • Developing search engine ranking along with keywords.

One should bear in mind while building a website that a URL would please a robot crawler as well as human visitors. Use short URLs; avoid underscores, capital letters, numbers or any other weird symbols which may cause problems in your website in various ways.

High Quality Content

You may take contents as an ordinary or usual part of a website. Here you need correction since content is the key factor of any website. Content is something like information or document which you provide for your visitors and search engines index them for web searchers. So, search engines always looking for high quality unique contents which is worth for providing to the web browsers.

article writing-unique article writing-content writin-contentg

This is a very normal matter that people will visit for learning something new or getting something new. So keep your eyes on your content which will help your targeted visitors most. There are few features are needed for quality content such as: research keywords, uniqueness and resources, update stats etc. the more you will satisfy your consumers the better your service will be shared and linked with new people.

I am a presenter and article writer. Having experienced in Online promotion as well as web design and development.

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