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January 28, 2013
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Unique Articles/Contents for WEB and SEO

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Unique Content is the most important condition of any popular website, which means your website is free from copy and paste. Google has also given highest value on writing unique article. Google already built an update namely Panda which can easily find out copy paste contents. That’s why most of the website which was in a good position in search engine, they lost their position only for the lack of unique content. So we can easily understand that this is the time of unique article and copy paste writing time is over if you want to see your website’s in high page rank. Now a day’s copy writing is one kind of Crocodile calling by digging pond. So that now a day everyone should try to write by themselves. But copy paste writing is not over yet. People yet didn’t stop copy paste writing. Those who still doesn’t stop copy writing I must say them fool or totally nonsense cause the time it takes in copy paste by that they can write something new and innovative as well as creative. Those who try to copy others they cut their own head throwing axe. So it is better to write by own self. Otherwise those who do copy they are not appreciating by others who use their brain as well as labor to write something new and fruitful.stop-copy-paste-writing

Think of writing by yourself. Let’s see what are the reasons and benefits of writing by own self:

  1. For getting good position is Search Engine: I have already said that Google has become strict about duplicate writing. For the lack of unique writing you will never be able to reach at top of the Search Engine as well as other facilities. From whom you have copied if that person understand or can find that and make complain against your website, your website may be banned by Search Engine authority. This is not self notion, if you observe it will be clear that recently lots of website of High Page Rank either got down or banned. So, use your talent, gather ideas and implement them by yourself.

  2. For getting good Visitor/Traffic: Think do you stay in those websites where you get duplicate content and unusual meaning of content do you stay long there, if your answer “no”, how can you think that your duplicate content will provide your more visitors. If a visitor doesn’t find anything new or exceptional they will not come again to visit your site even if do SEO. Since your content and articles are free from copy paste as well as better than others it will provide you lots of visitor and traffic because they getting pleasure from your Website, lastly they visit your website again and again may be they will suggest others about your site. Thus we will get regular visitor in our website.

  3. For increasing your Earning: If you think earning is main purpose of your website’s then it is useless. Very first you should construct your site consistently in your own way giving priority towards the people’s demand. Of course make your site a vast sea of unique article where visitor can find something new and innovative. If visitor can find your website important and fruitful as well as useful then your earning will come automatically from different ways.

I am a presenter and article writer. Having experienced in Online promotion as well as web design and development.

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