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Why your site page rank going down?

why page rank down

The world is changing in every moment and online world as well. Every moment we are looking for new innovation and new products as well as technology. Online market also changing and developing in every moment. All those conventional techniques may not work properly at present market. Online promotion policy also need new way of branding and new strategies to be up to date with the market place.

Here are few reasons as we found for losing page rank, you may follow as well as help us by providing your ideas.

1. Decrease of link popularity.

2. Due to hidden text.

3. In the case of site hacked.

4. Low quantity of internal links.

5. Weak contents.

6. Several domain names.

7. Link sharing with non popular site.

8. Broken links or content deletion.

9. Server problem.

10. Robot text availability.

11. Link exchange quality.

12. Copy paste articles/contents.

13. Frequent change of site algorithm.

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