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December 24, 2012
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Within 2016 E-Add will reach Top

Within 2016 smart advertisement will cross the electronic and printing media advertisement. In USA only within 2013 Google based mobile add will cross four hundred core US Dollar. Facebook’s digital advertisement has also great impact on it. In the whole year 2012 Smart phone and Tablet technology keeps the market warm. That’s why digital adds demand goes high. In 2012 e-markets revenue comes more than two hundred percentĀ  then previous year. World Wide Web’s boss Google, making their position strong to stronger to maintain the future online marketing which they already shown. In present year from mobile marketing Google will earn minimum four hundreds billion dollar. In USA Facebook also staying at the top by earning four billion dollar from mobile advertisement which will spreed to minimum nine billion dollar by 2013. At present for rapid advertisement of any kind of business there is no alternative of Facebook mobile advertisement. Twitter also playing as good position by earning revenue from mobile advertisement. In last year Twitter has earned near about thirteen billion dollar which will exceed to twenty five billion dollar by the end of the present year. Because they also developing the mobile advertising system in rapid way. Now a days fifty million people using Facebook and Twitter from their mobile which increasing day by day. So if we look at the statistics of present e-advertisement growth we can tell by the year 2016 mobile as well e-advertisement will cross all other media.

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